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From Tape to Sheet

Tape based sheet opportunities using TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD Tape
From Tape to Sheet - Processing

Parameter study: Mold temperature

Tensilestrength and modulus
  • Investigaton of the influence of different mold temperatures on the basis of three sheet thicknesses
  • It is possible to consolidate TAFNEX™CF PP UD Tape at low mould temperatures (180°C)
  • The mold temperature must be adjusted based on the wall thickness for proper consolidation
  • The thicker the sheet, the higher the temperatur is recommended
From Tape to Sheet- Cross Ply

Hybrid biaxial sheets based on cross plying UD tapes

  • Results of three-point bending test (DIN EN ISO 14125)
  • TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD can be combined with glass fibre UD tape to hybrid sheets
  • Based on the requirements the layer up can be easily adapted
From Tape to Sheet - Woven Sheets

Hybrid biaxial sheets based on woven UD tapes

  • Results of three-point bending test (DIN EN ISO 14125)
  • TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD can be woven and combined with glass fibre tape to hybrid sheets
  • Due to the low ondulation UD based fabrics have higher mechanical properties than roving based fabrics
From Tape to Sheet - Sandwich Panels

PP based sandwich panels

  • TAFNEX™ can be combined with PP-Foam,
    PP-Honeycomb or other PP compatible cores
  • The mechanical and forming properties can be freely adjusted by the lay up and the sandwich core
  • It is possible to functionalize the sandwich panel afterwards (e.g. injection molding, thermoforming, etc.)

Productions methods:

Continuous production for high volume applications by using a doublebelt press

 Discontinuous production for small quantities by using a stamping process

Mechanical properties:

Combination of TAFNEX™ and PP-Foam compared to alumininum panel

Flexural rigidity2
From Tape to Sheet - Random Sheets

Random Sheets: Stamping of 3D shapes

  • Investigation in processing chopped UD tapes to random sheets
  • Random sheets can be formed via thermoforming 
  • The fiber length can be changed to adjust the mechanical properties or the flexibility for later processing
  • Random sheets are possible to combine with other material types (UD tape, GMT, Injection molding, etc.)
  • Additional function integration is possible (Injection molding, Coating, etc.)

Process chain for Random optic parts based on TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD 

From Tape to Sheet - Aesthetic Application

Surface functionality by using special coating foil

TAFNEX Coating Foil 2
  • Overmolding of composite parts based on PP with surface functionality
  • Integration of a special coating film on composite sheets during lamination
    - Special film replaces pretreatment steps for painting application
    - Integration decoration foil possible

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