Injection Molding

Integration of tailored blanks or local reinforcements


Using thermoplastic tapes or tailored blanks as local reinforcements enables efficient material usage and improved properties of injection molded parts: As local reinforcements, tapes allow for increased stiffness and strength, cost savings, higher surface hardness or enhanced optics. Injection molders in particular can achieve great advantages from tapes.


+ Improving stiffness and strength of injection molding parts by low material usage
+ Cost and weight savings with increasing performance
+ Individual load introduction by flexible orientation of the tapes

Processing method


Exemplary parts

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-28 um 12.45.52

TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD as local reinforcement for a thermoplastic tailgate


TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD as hybrid tailored blank for a bumper system

Use Cases

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