Tape Placement

Production of local reinforcement patches or tailored blanks


Automated tape placement or winding is an advanced method to produce composite parts. Especially by using laser-assisted technology, it is possible to produce high-strength and high-stiffness parts with a low structural weight. The UD tape is heated locally by laser radiation to the melting temperature and placed under pressure on the geometry (tube or sheet). This method allows that each ply can be placed with different angles to best carry the required loads.

All relevant process parameters such as temperature, tape tension, pressure force, etc. are recorded during the process and can be used for quality control. The in-situ consolidation process does not require any downstream production steps (such as autoclave, press or oven). The tube or sheet is manufactured in one-step and comes out of the machine fully consolidated.


+ High-speed stable process with laser heat
+ High Flexibility
+ Free fiber orientation
+ Waste minimized process
+ High grade of automation

Processing method


The process can be combined with other processes. Due to the high flexibility of the process, either local components can be reinforced or "tailored blanks" can be produced, which are then processed into the component in further steps.

1) Incoming Tape
2) Consolidation Roller
3) Consolidated Tape
4) Heat Source

Exemplary Parts


Individual placement of TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD with the AZL Ultra-Fast Consolidator Machine


Local reinforcement of Organosheets using tape placement technology with TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD

Use Cases

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