The unidirectional tapes can be further processed into fabrics. Depending on the tape width, wide fabrics or finer fabrics can be created, which have different properties. By using UD thermoplastic tapes, this type of fabric is already fully impregnated and can be further processed directly.

Woven design based on Tape width

Study: Weaved hybrid sheets (GF-CF) compared to organosheet

  • Results of three-point bending test (DIN EN ISO 14125)
  • TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD can be woven and combined with glass fibre tape to hybrid sheets
  • Due to the low ondulation UD based fabrics have higher mechanical properties than roving based fabrics

Thin Weaved UD Tape (<6mm) for Aesthetic and Design applications

Consolidated and unconsolidated woven sheets in different thicknesses

Related Cases

Sandwich panels

TAFNEX™ can be combined with PP core materials for lightweight panel applications. Possible to functionalize afterwards.