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New Material Studies

New developments and investigations in the field of material properties

Studies on temperature behaviour of TAFNEX™ CF-PP UD

Temperature dependence of TAFNEX
New Material Studies

Influence of the temperature on the mechanical properties

  • Tensile properties at low and high temperatures drop only 10% compared to room temperature
  • Flexural strength shows a strong influence of temperature 

Additional information:

  • Test method tensile: DIN ISO 527-5:2009
  • Test method flexural: DIN EN ISO 14125
  • FVG = Fiber volume content 
New Material Studies

Load deflection curve

  • Study of displacement at different temperatures
  • Fibre reinforcement shifts the possible application temperature to higher temperatures
  • By using carbon fibre the deformation point is clearly shifted towards the melting point

Additional information:

  • Test method: Referred to JIS K7191-3
  • Sample size:4×10×80mm 
  • HDT = Heat deflection temperature
  • wt% = Weight share in %
Load deflection curve TAFNEX

Dynamic properties and lifetime prediction

Flexural fatigue properties of TAFNEX
New Material Studies

Flexural fatigue properties of TAFNEX™

  • CF-PA6 as reference
  • The long-term decrease in flexural strength of PP is lower than that of PA6.
Additional information:
  • Test method: JIS K7119 Type III
  • Temperature: Room temperature
  • FVG = Fiber volume content  

New Material Studies

Prediction of creep lifetime

  • Investigation in the statistical life prediction of UD tape under creep tension load
  • In cooperation with the Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Correlations were found which make it possible to predict the statistical lifetime
  • The result and the procedure were published in the Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites in January 2020 (Link). 


  • Solid lines are indicated predicted line (Pf=0.67)
  • Pf:      Failure probability
  • σ0:  Static tensile strength at break
  • σc0:Creep tensile strength at break


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